Therapy Design Service

Website design & online marketing, event production, media creation, and office systems for psychotherapy practices.

Solutions for Psychotherapy Practices

Through our unique focus and expertise in the field of mental health, Therapy Design Service (TDS) provides marketing and technology solutions to psychotherapists and their organizations. Learn More about how we've been providing comprehensive support to professionals for over 25 years.

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Website Design &
Marketing Solutions

We create a strong web presence using design and marketing strategies that promote practice specialities.

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Event Production for
Workshops & Trainings

We produce live, online, and hybrid workshops and trainings, conferences and special events for organizations.

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Digital Media
Content Creation

We create content that delivers new communities and increased revenue that exceed marketing goals.

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Office Solutions for Therapy Practices

Our HIPAA solutions offer secure and private integration with client-therapist services for the practice's business needs.

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Therapy Design Service is well-equipped to meet the technology and marketing needs of your psychotherapy practice or organization. Our technology solutions for professionals makes us a unique and valuable resource for those looking to enhance their online presence and streamline their business operations. Begin by completing our request form to schedule an initial consultation and needs assessment.

Web Presence for Your Therapy Practice

Therapy Design Service develops marketing strategies that capture prospective clients searching the Internet to find your psychotherapy practice. Whether it's a great website optimized for search engines or a targeted advertising and social media campaign, we create marketing strategies that are focused on delivering a strong web presence for business with measurable results. Learn More

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Event Production

Our production strategies set the stage for successful meetings. Whether you're hosting a live, online, or hybrid conference or training, our creative services will guide your organization from initial planning and marketing strategies to development of presentation materials including print and digital offerings such as speaker support and video production. Learn More

Media Creation & Streaming Services

Delivering new communities and increased revenue for the therapy practice, we create streaming solutions from existing content, like elements from your website or trainings & workshops, and then combine that with new original content. With productions ranging from podcasts and online video channels to paid on-demand subscription services, Therapy Design Service creates digital media that integrates website and event marketing goals. Learn More

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Secure Office Solutions

TDS combines appropriate HIPAA-secure office systems for modern therapy practices. We'll assess your needs and improve your office processes and workflow. Telehealth services including video conferencing, scheduling and billing strategies, records management, and data back-up. Our communication solutions range from office networking to AV presentation systems for the conference room. Learn More

About Us

With our experience in technology business solutions, including computer hardware and software integration, audio & video presentation systems, and event productions; we serve psychotherapy professionals by providing focused Internet marketing services that create an online web presence for organizations.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Website design, search marketing strategies, and social media are a primary focus. With your website acting as the hub for your overall web presence, we market your organization by focusing on specialities.
  • Therapy Design Service produces live, online, and hybrid events. From initial marketing & registration strategies through orchestrating the event day, we provide the expertise to make your conference or training a success. Presentation technologies and audio-video streaming solutions are among our offerings.
  • Repurposing existing content from website and event productions, as well as creating new digital assets, we create streaming media solutions for organizations to build larger communities and increase revenue.
  • We offer HIPAA-based office solutions that meet the client-therapist needs of the practice. Online client tracking & billing systems, remote networking, and data back-up solutions are areas of expertise.

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