Media Creation

We produce digital media for therapists to tell their story.

Content Development for Therapy Practices

Streaming media solutions for new community and revenue.

At Therapy Design Service, we understand the importance of a strong digital presence in today's world. It's essential for psychotherapists to connect with potential clients and build relationships with existing ones. That's why TDS specializes in providing streaming media solutions that go beyond the limitations of a standard website. Our unique approach focuses on building thriving communities that drive practice objectives and increase revenue.

Our suite of solutions is customizable to fit the specific needs of therapists and organizations. We can produce dynamic audio and video content, including podcasts and YouTube channels, that will help establish your practice and attract new clients. Additionally, we can create online subscription services that offer on-demand learning programs. These programs can draw upon existing workshops and training materials to deliver tailored experiences, elevating your digital presence, and connecting with clients in new and innovative ways.

Repurposing website content
We begin development by taking inventory of existing digital content. Assets, such as photography, illustrations, and video are cataloged. Website verbiage is edited and scripted into the overall production plan.

A photo of two people reviewing their website and taking inventory of media for repurposing digital assets.

Repurposing event content
Workshops and trainings provide additional opportunities to repurpose lectures into content that can be edited into streaming solutions. Sometimes lectures are edited into meaningful segments, always with the goal to increase audience engagement. Slide presentations are repurposed into videos by adding narration or closed captioning.

A photo of a video camera recording a conference for repurposing the lecture for future needs.

Original content production
Recording an interview for a podcast, producing a panel discussion video, maybe it's creating content that fills in the gaps between repurposed material, or even developing an entire new program for clients and colleagues... Therapy Design Service produces original content that's optimized for your clientele.

A photo of two people at microphones doing a podcast creating original content.

Whether it's repurposing assets from a website, editing event content, or creating new material, we'll develop a steaming media strategy for your practice or organization. From initial outline to final script, Therapy Design Service will produce content that tells your story, bringing new audiences and increased revenue.