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Professional Meetings for Therapists

Meetings for Psychotherapy Professionals

Therapy Design Service (TDS) specializes in providing workshops and trainings, conferences, and special events that cater to the unique needs of psychotherapists and their associated organizations. Our solutions are custom-tailored to effectively engage your specific audience, whether it's a live, online, or hybrid gathering of mental health professionals.

Our production strategies are designed to ensure that your meeting is a success from the initial planning stage through to the final day's presentation. We recognize that every event is unique, and we work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive plan that aligns with their objectives and goals. At Therapy Design Service, we are committed to delivering top-notch events that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Event Planning and Marketing Strategy
As event goals are defined, a working timeline schedule is developed to effectively communicate each presenter's story in an engaging and memorable way. Presentations are outlined, then drafted to completion. Specifications for presentation materials are defined. Branded event websites are designed to drive marketing strategies and registrations.

A graphic depicting a production clapper titled "Story Telling" for a marketing video on an upcoming event.

Pre-Production Development
Speaker materials are developed for presenters. Printed or digital materials, speaker support slides, video production, and photography are among the many choices to be included in the presentation and overall event. Venue requirements are reviewed and AV specifications are fine-tuned.

A close-up photo of a man planning an event for pre-production.

Event Production
TDS specializes in producing events that exceed client expectations by combining creative and production services. We balance between using digital media and the client's talents to create an engaging experience. Using a presenter's own strengths, we develop a comprehensive plan. The result is an unforgettable event that leverages the client's unique meeting goals.

A photo of a presentation being video recorded and produced for an event.

Live, Online, and Hybrid Events - Similarities & Differences

Virtual and hybrid events for psychotherapist professionals share similarities with live meetings in terms of goals and objectives. However, in virtual meetings, the presenter speaks to a single audience of many attendees. As experts in event planning, we take this into account and design a more personalized approach that ensures attendees feel engaged and connected.

A photo of a presenter in front of an audience describing the differences between live, online, and hybrid events.

Hybrid events, on the other hand, require careful attention when presenting to an audience because many attendees are viewing online. Our team is dedicated to developing a personal experience that is just as engaging for online viewers as it is for those attending in-person. We leverage our expertise to ensure a successful meeting from initial planning through to the final presentation.

Regardless of the format, our team at Therapy Design Service understands the unique needs of psychotherapist professionals and their related organizations. We specialize in producing customized workshops, trainings, conferences, and special events that effectively engage specific audiences. Our production strategies ensure that every event is designed to meet our clients' goals and objectives, and to exceed their expectations.

Pre-Recorded Video Segments Help Tell Your Story
Whatever type of meeting your planning, having short pre-recorded video segments that help tell your story add engagement to your event. Video segments help to direct the overall flow of the meeting and boost engagement. For online viewers they help develop a personal experience.

Repurposing these videos into stand-alone segments for a streaming media solution adds value... Learn More

A photo of a two person interview  video segment being recorded by a single camera for an upcoming meeting.

A variation on hybrid events, Digital First events are hosted by presenters virtually, while attendees, generally in two or more locations, gather together to view the presenters via a live video stream. This type of solution also offers some attendees the ability to watch online.

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