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Headshot of Jeffrey Yates, founder of Therapy Design Service

Jeffrey Yates, Founder

Therapy Design Service

Throughout his career, Jeffrey Yates has demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt to changing trends and technologies. Leveraging his early experiences in computer and network systems integration, along with audio, video, and presentation technologies, Jeff made a name for himself as an innovative entrepreneur with a deep understanding of how technology can transform lives and industries.

Therapy Design Service (TDS) specializes in creating customized online marketing and presentation solutions for psychotherapists and their related organizations. For the last 15 years, he has been creating compelling and effective online presentations, designing websites, and acting as technical director for workshops, trainings, and conferences. His dedication and expertise have made him a trusted partner for professionals in the mental health community.

Jeff started his professional journey in San Francisco as a purchasing manager at the headquarters of a global design and branding agency, where he specified desktop publishing technologies that were becoming increasingly popular in the creative community. Utilizing his knowledge from purchasing office technologies, he later transitioned into a new role as technology director for an Interactive Media startup where he supervised video production services and interactive media solutions.

In 1994, he founded Yates Systems Integrators (YSI), a company that focused on selling, installing, and servicing computer and networking hardware and software to creative professionals in the design, advertising, and public relations communities. YSI quickly established itself as a reliable provider of custom technology solutions for businesses of all sizes, earning accolades for its exceptional customer service and innovative approaches.

As Jeff's passion for technology and innovation continued to grow, he turned his attention towards the increasing demand for online marketing solutions. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by psychotherapists and their related practices, institutes and organizations, he launched Therapy Web Presence (TWP) in 2009. He rebranded TWP in 2023 as Therapy Design Service, to reflect the combined, broader range of services that were presently offered by both YSI and TWP.

Jeff enjoys spending time with his partner Lisa and their pets, Jerry the cat and dog Ziggy. He's also an avid photographer and enjoys scenic adventures.

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Therapy Design Service specializes in internet marketing services for psychotherapy professionals, such as website design, search marketing, and social media management. TDS offers production services for trainings and events, live streaming solutions, content creation, and media repurposing. In addition, we also provide HIPAA-based office solutions that cater to organizational needs, including computer hardware and software integration, audio and video presentation systems, client tracking and billing systems, networking including remote access, and secure data backup solutions.