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Online Strategies for Psychotherapy Practices

The Therapy Website - An Expression of Practice Expertise

Acting as the hub to your online presence, Therapy Design Service (TDS) creates your website to focus clients on your practice specialities, explaining how practice proficiencies address client needs. While "Welcome" or "About Us" web pages are important, viewers often don't begin their search experience on these introductory pages. Rather individual pages within your website should detail the practice's areas of expertise and stand on their own. A page should not only describe a mental health problem, but detail how your services treats the issue.

While these individual service pages must stand on their own, they must also act as avenues of entry to your practice’s overall site. Initially, people seeking counseling in your areas of expertise aren't necessarily searching on specific therapist certifications or credentials until they've done their research. These landing service pages should lead prospective clients to areas in the website, such as therapist biographies or practice summaries, that leads to practice credibility.

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We begin web development with an assessment of your psychotherapy practice and how it presents its services to prospective clients. What are your areas of expertise and specialties? What differentiates your practice - how and why are they different from others? We'll use these topics and more as the overall responsive design is advanced for desktop, laptop, tablets, and phone viewport windows.

Search Engine Optimization

In today's web-centric marketplace, it is crucial to optimize your therapy practice's or the Institute's website to ensure visibility to prospective clients who are actively searching the internet. Negligence to do so can result in missed opportunities, leading to significant revenue losses for your practice. To increase your website's visibility, it is necessary to consider various factors that affect search engine rankings.

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Search engine rankings are influenced by numerous factors, including relevance and relationships with other authoritative websites. Our thorough analysis of your website will identify areas that need improvement, such as keywords, backlinks, and overall site structure. By doing so, you can position your therapy practice's website as a valuable resource and a trustworthy authority in your field, thereby increasing your online presence and potential for growth.

Marketing Strategies

Two ways a practice can increase website traffic are advertising and social media. Both provide links and traffic to your website.

An advertising campaign will increase website ranking. Ads from Google, Facebook, etc. should be targeted to individual service pages using those page's own keywords or keyword phrases. As the ads are deemed relevant by the search engines, traffic from links within those ads increase site rankings. Listings from directory sites like Psychology Today should also be placed as they provide relevant inbound links to the practice's website.

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Social media is another great marketing strategy. A well-defined social media campaign builds trust that your practice has the expertise to address client needs. When prospective clients follow relevant links to your website, search ranking increases as traffic grows.

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OUR GOAL: Total web presence for your therapy practice.

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Therapy Design Service develops marketing strategies that capture prospective clients searching the Internet to find your psychotherapy practice. A great website that's optimized for search engines, combined with a targeted advertising and social media campaign.

Let's create a marketing strategy that's focused on delivering a strong web presence...